[sage-hamburg] Vortrag "dCache, Sync-and-Share for Big Data at DESY" am 2.7.2015, 19h

Dirk Wetter dirk.wetter at guug.de
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hier noch der Abstract und die Bio (in Englisch, Vortrag wird in Deutsch sein)


The availability of cheap, easy-to-use sync-and-share cloud services has split the scientific
storage world into the traditional big data management systems and the very attractive cloud
services. With the former, the location of data is well understood while the latter is mostly
operated somewhere in the Cloud, resulting in a rather complex legal situation.

Beside legal issues, those two worlds have little overlap in user authentication and access
protocols. While traditional storage technologies, popular in High Energy Physics (HEP), are
based on X509, cloud services and sync-n-share software technologies are generally based on
user/password authentication or mechanisms like SAML or OpenID. Similarly, data access models
offered by both are somewhat different.

As both approaches are very attractive, dCache.org developed a hybrid system, providing the
best of both worlds. To avoid reinventing the wheel, dCache.org decided to embed another Open
Source project: OwnCloud. This offers the required modern access capabilities but does not
support the managed data functionality needed for large capacity data storage.

With this hybrid system, scientist can share files and synchronize their data with laptops or
mobile devices as easy as with any other cloud storage service. On top of this, the same data
can be accessed via established mechanisms, like GridFTP to serve the Globus Transfer Service
or the WLCG FTS3 tool, or the data can be made available to worker nodes or HPC applications
via a mounted file system. As dCache provides a flexible authentication module, the same user
can access its storage via different authentication mechanisms; e.g., X.509 and SAML.
Additionally, users can specify the desired quality of service or trigger media transitions as
necessary, so tuning data access latency to the planned access profile. Such features are a
natural consequence of using dCache.

We will describe the design of the hybrid dCache/OwnCloud system, report on several months of
operations experience running it at DESY, and elucidate on the future road-map.

* PhD in Physics at the RWTH Aachen
* Permanent Staff at the DESY IT Scientific Computing Group with focus on Data Management
* 1995 - 2000 : Responsible for Big Data of the HERA and later LHC experiments.
* 2000 - today : Project leader of an international software development group : dCache.org
* 2005 - 2008 Data Area Manager of the German BMBF Data Grid Project HEPCG
* 2010 - 2013 Data Area Leader of the FP7 European Middleware Initiative (EMI).
* 2012 - today : Work package Leader for "Federated Data Access and Authentication" of the
German Large Scale Data Management and Analysis Project (LSDMA)
* 2015 - 2018 : Work package Leader for "Infrastructure Virtualization, IaaS" of the European
Horizon 2020 framework project : INIDIGO-DataCloud


Bis dann!


Am 06/19/2015 um 09:58 PM schrieb Dirk Wetter:
> Moin Hamburg,
> die Zeit schreitet voran und bevor der Termin bei euch vergeben ist,
> wollte ich euch vorab schon mal den Hinweis auf den nächsten Vortrag
> geben.
> Eckdaten:
> * Zeit. 2.7.2015, 19h
> * Lokation: Uni Hamburg RZ
> * Vortragender: Patrick Fuhrmann
> * Thema:  ~ DESY Big Data (private) cloud service
> Appetizer: www.dcache.org/manuals/2014/presentations/20140505-PF-cloudevent-v1.pdf
> Im Wesentlichen geht's darum, wie DESY Daten INTERN speichert -- sowohl
> die Experimentdaten auch wohl mobilen Daten mittels ownCloud -- ohne
> Google, Amazon etc.
> Abstract folgt.
> Schönes WoE,
> Dirk
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